Village of Flat Rock, NC

Tree Preservation

The Village of Flat Rock enjoys unique characteristics as a historic, residential community with forested landscapes and scenic vistas along its scenic byways, designated public roads and elsewhere in the village, and it is necessary to preserve the quality and health of the trees and natural vegetation that form so much of the traditional appearance of the village. This is particularly true of trees that form the canopy over the state-designated scenic byways and other public roads within the village, some of which are over two hundred years old.

To help maintain these unique characteristics and to monitor timber harvesting activities, the village has in place Ordinance 79: Tree Preservation. This ordinance requires a permit for the removal of any preservation tree or native vegetation from a preservation area. There are exceptions to that requirement, however, and whether a permit is required to cut a tree on your property depends on your property location. Please contact the Village Hall at 828.697.8100 to determine if you need a permit.